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iCynta Solutions | Zorin OS 10 Core & Ultimate launched
Zorin OS 10 Core & Ultimate launched

Zorin OS 10 Core & Ultimate launched

Linux has launched Zorin OS 10 Core & Ultimate , The main focus is to put forward a familiar interface (GUI) for the windows based users.The interface of Zorin OS 10 Core & Ultimate  based on Ubuntu 15.04 has much similarities to the windows interface which keeps the newly migrating users to be very comfortable.

The users dont have to worry about their windows application, for the version included WINE . The version also comes up with an added integerated firewall to stimulate the security measures.

Zorion claims , the users won't face issues in using nearly any of their files from other operating system with out any additional setup .Download  Zorion 

The recent surveys from distrowatch , states the Zorin is on the 18 th position amount the desktop versions. They have been amazing with the server versions,But still had to proove themselves on the desktop versions by focusing on the end user compatiable GUI .

Zorin OS 10 Core & Ultimate has already made most distributions as friendly as windows stays.

Advantages of Zorion 10 & Ultimate

Zorion Software Packages

Zorin OS is packed with softwares, ready for you to take advantage of. From the versatile LibreOffice suite to the feature-packed OpenShot video editor . They are sure to support you with all the day to day needed softwares like web browsers, Document readers,Social Networking , Making Videos, Chatting and many more.

Zorion Software Center

If you are still in search of somthing, Not to worry ,They have come-up with a software center which allows you to download programs. Software center can be accessed from the start menu itself.


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