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iCynta Solutions | New Algorithm for local search Google
New Algorithm for local search Google

New Algorithm for local search Google

Google’s New Algorithm Update that Targets Localized Search Results

Among all the popular search engines, Google is very stringent about using SEO tactics that are fully complaint to its Webmaster guidelines. For monitoring websites in its vast search network, the internet search giant rolled out Penguin and Panda algorithm updates to check the quality of links and website content. Every few months, Google introduces an update to its search network with the aim of improving its search and it was in last Google introduced Hummingbird update which primarily focus on conversational search and improving the way of analyzing a string of search queries. Now, according to latest SEO news report, Google has introduced new algorithm update that focuses on improving local search results and till now Google hasn’t reveal its designated name. Some people in the SEO industry temporarily nicknamed it as “Google Pigeon” before Google announces its official name in the near future.

How it will Impact Local Search Results

Many SEO experts are of the view that the overall impact of this new “Pigeon” update will be on the local search result rankings and local businesses may witness an increase or decrease in leads, website referrals and business from the change. According to the news report, Google built the new search algorithm for enhancing the capability of Google local search results that include hundreds of ranking signals they use in web search along with Google search features like spelling correction, synonyms, Knowledge Graph and so on. Also, with the new algorithm update, Google aims to improve their distance and location ranking factors. As of now, the “Google Pigeon” update is rolled out for US English search results and aims to provide more useful and relevant experience for users when it comes to local search. Google plans to expand its local search algorithm update in other languages and the internet company didn’t comment on the percentage of queries that are going to be affected by this new update.

Is Google Manipulating its Own Local Results

With the arrival of Google’s new local search algorithm update, websites such as local directories are getting better online presence in Google’s search results. Few weeks before the new algorithm update release, Yelp accused Google of manipulating local search results in its own favor. For example, when a user searches “gary danko yelp” (Gary Danko is a restaurant) and local search results shows the restaurant’s official site first along with Google+ content like reviews and its Google+ page. But after the release of Google Pigeon update, it seems that the issue has been resolved as the same search query result now shows yelp content first. Not only Yelp has got benefited from this update, other local review sites and directories have witnessed a boost in their local search rankings.

Since Google is now concentrating on local SERPs, local enterprises need to be careful in future, as they have to provide useful and relevant content to targeted customers and not some cheap quality or junk content. For improving or optimizing their site, they can get assistance from experts who are specialized in providing local search marketing solutions based on client requirements and are highly budget-friendly. 


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