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iCynta Solutions | IT Consulting & Solution providers

IT Consulting & Solution providers

IT Consulting & Solution providers

Consulting firms specialized in the area of best-practices and offer pre-made 'templates' to standardize business process documentation. Sometimes a "best practice" is not applicable or suits for a particular organization's IT requirement. The key strategic talent required to implement the best practice to an organizations is the ability to maintain the unique qualities of an organization .
iCynta, enters with listening the customer starts with understanding the client requirement and ends with implementation of the suitable plan not the predetermined Best-Practice .

How we approach

Discovering the Needs

In any consulting project, there needs to be a discovery phase. This is the crucial time to gather as much intelligence about the organization as possible i.e. Operational plans ,structural, historical insights, marketing and business objectives, etc. This will also involve interviews with key stakeholders, customers and partners in order to understand thoroughly the organizational culture, communication workflows, collaboration platforms and other relevant information that will help gather clarity about the business.

Situation Analysis

A situation analysis can be used to analyze both the internal and external business tatics of any organization in order to better understand the firm’s organizational and functional goals and capabilities, customers and the general business landscape.


The planning phase is where the real work will start. In most cases, planning team will be working in corporation with higher management and the decision makers. Plans should be transparent enough for the non technical higher officials to corporate with it.

Implementation & Training

The implementation of the planned blue print requires the coordination of patience and knowledge. Training the users plays the key role to the success of the project. Calibrate the project to the measurement of the users, the golden key


Our Offer

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