Why responsive website is important ?

Hello all,

Thanks again!!. Today we are going see what is a responsive website and why it important for you ?

What is a responsive website ?

Simply , A responsive website is one which can be viewed in any screen with out scrolling horizontally . Any screen means  , A mobile screen, Tablet screen, Laptop screen and all other screens available to us.

This means the web page will be able to shrink automatically to fit the screen.

Responsive websites are some times called as mobile friendly websites. Since they do adjust for your smaller mobile screen.

Why responsive website is important ?

Before discussing the importance of a responsive web page. I would like to say that 67% of  internet users are using mobile, tablet or any other portable devices  to access the websites.

Here comes the importance of a website which can fit and render well  on any screens. Most of the websites were made on focusing the big screens. Now the situation changes and many starts focusing the small screens .

Responsive sites improve SEO rankings

If your website can’t render well on a small screen, you are going to miss that 67% of the internet users. Search engines have already started discouraging non- responsive websites from indexing. Search engines are not interested on your web page means, you are out from the market.

It’s hard enough to keep one website updated and relevant. Trying to keep multiple sites up to date and consistent  is even more of a challenge. This is another why a responsive website is much preferred over separate websites for desktop displays and mobile phones.

Shopping on mobile devices is steadily growing.

If you are having an shopping website. Its really important to keep you website responsive to mobile screens. Now a days no one want to go out into the traffic for buying something.

It become far more easier to shop-online. e-Shopping websites become far impressive. More than just seeing  the product , Many are offering a product comparison facility and provides the facility to read the reviews of other clients who already bought the product. This really helps the customer to h find the right product.