How important is content for the website

How important is website content? How to write a good content for website?

Most of the enquiries we receive have no idea about what they want to convey through their website, We meant the website content. Everyone needs a website, since they want to have a better exposure for their business. True, your business will get a better exposure through a website.  But imagine, what you feel if you get a blank newspaper in the morning. Yeah, The newspaper makes no sense if there is no or relevant news. If you receive the same for a week, you will never subscribe that newspaper ever in your life. Content is more important than design of your website. Fresh unique content can make your website catchy.

Content is king ” , Hope you understand everything.

This is what going to happen when you plan to have a website for your business without any fresh relevant content.

What is a relevant content for a website?

If you agree “Content is the king”, you should understand a weak king cannot rule the country. Yes, you cannot expect your website do its job without a strong content. You will only get seconds to capture the interest of your reader. You should write what you really want to convey to your visitors. A good and well targeted content can do a lot more than a bulk content with no target. You should be target oriented. Your content should answer their questions.

How to make fresh unique website contents?

  • Target audience while making the content.
  • Understand what you want to convey with your audience?
  • Answer their questions before they fly-away to your competitor.
  • Tell them how important you are for them to move forward.
  • Make an identity with your audience.
  • Don’t allow them to get confused.
  • If you put forward a question, you should have the answer.

How to target audience with right content?

Identifying your reader is the most important stuff. This is not that difficult if you know your business well. If you are an author, You know what type of readers will have interest on your book.

For eg : When you write a comic stuff, you are not expecting a grown up with good vocabulary. Your reader will be kids. So you will keep your book simple and catchy for young minds. This is how website contents should be planned.

Note : Sometimes you need to target your referrer, Parents are going to refer good comics for their kids. You should impress them first with your stuff while keep in mind that if the kid didn’t show interests in your book next time the parent may choose a different author.

What I want to convey to my audience with my content?

You will get only seconds to catch your reader. If you read me till here, I have done that with you.

The best way to catch your reader interest is answer their questions even before they ask you. If you have identified your audience well, You can predict the set of questions they have in their mind. Once you have answered at-least a couple of their questions they will stay back to you.

Tell them how you are important for them to move forward

If you have done the above part well, It is easy for you to convey your importance. Because once the reader understand that you are the right person to deal with or you have what they are looking for they will definitely ping you.

Make sure you are not too excited to sell something. If someone tries to hard sell, you will definitely get confused and check with some other sources. Let them have the pros and cons of your product or service. This makes them feel you are confident about your stuffs.

How can I make an Identity with my audience?

You may visit more than a dozen of websites or forums every day but you won’t remember many of them on the very next day. This is a great challenge. If you are not a one-time seller, You should keep your audience remember you. When they think about the stuff again, your website should be the first thing come to their mind. Your web domain can play an important role in this.

There are many way to make an identity with your audience. Enrolling them to your newsletter is a good way. But never misuse them by sending irrelevant newsletters.

Don’t allow your audience to get confused?

Audience comes to you with a couple of questions to answer with, don’t let them go back with a dozen of questions. This is important; if you put forward a question in-front of them, you should answer it soon. Otherwise the reader may go to your competitor to get the extra questions answered. If relevant, you can link your old posts or articles to answer those questions.

If you are seriously planning for a website, focus on the below points also.

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